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        The HYPER Feeder is enormously supple and amazingly abrasion-resistant. Thanks to
        its low stretch, even the slightest of takes can be identified very precisely.
        The line uses a silicone coating to slide more easily through the guides and achieve
        noticeably longer casting distances. Other important features are the very good
        sinking properties, high knot strength and low memory. It’s perfect for feeder fishing.
        The brown colour of the line also makes for optimum camouflage.
        - Perfect casting properties thanks to
          the particularly smooth line surface
        - Extremely abrasion-resistant surface
        - Low stretch

                    CODE                                DIAMETER                 BREAKING STRENGTH
                    130614                                0.18mm                     6.6lb       3.0kg
                    130615                               0.20mm                      7.7lb       3.5kg
                    130616                               0.22mm                      9.0lb       4.0kg
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